Why do you need video marketing!

Why do you need video marketing!

We live in a world where people look for solutions to their problems on the web. From social media platforms, blogs, websites to video streaming services, there are so many things to keep us from boredom today. And not only for those of us who use the internet for personal needs to keep up with the latest trends and news; businesses also use these tools to run their promotional activities.

Video marketing has become a powerful way of reaching out to both prospective and existing clients. The catch here is that while you may have been exploiting alternative methods of promoting your business online such as social media, email and inbound marketing, video marketing is perhaps going to change your perception forever. However, before taking a nosedive into the details, let’s clear up a few things.

What is video marketing?

Marketing is defined as a promotional activity whose purpose is to inform the public about your business, its services and products. Most of the time, it is not meant to generate direct sales but rather allows people to know that you have something they might need. Social media marketing best illustrates this, in which case, with say, a Facebook page, a business gets to engage with followers through post shares, comments and likes. It is also aimed at getting to know what people could be thinking or saying about your business, which in a big way, helps a business or a company improve its service delivery. Traditional marketing methods were limited to a few promotional activities such as road shows, events and customer service days. However, with the advent of the internet, things have changed. There are more digital marketing strategies than you can think of, but this post emphasizes the use of videos to market products and services.

1.    A powerful way of starting conversations

It can be difficult starting conversations, especially if your business is still new, and most people do not know about it. However, that shouldn’t be the case if you make a promotional video. Studies show that it always moves people from being skeptics to acquaintances, and even if they are chilling at home, there is not a perfect way of welcoming prospective clients to your business if it’s not with a professionally shot and documented video clip.

2. Videos help you humanize brands

Many people are probably wondering how Artificial intelligence will impact marketing, but what about the videos? It would be difficult to humanize brands using content alone because plain texts are limited to reading. However, videos with a face of a real human telling a story do wonders when it comes to marketing a business. From the voice to personality, viewers can put a face to the services or products; thereby engage more with the message.

3. Tap into the time of mobile users

Today, millions of people spend hours on YouTube watching videos, and with this, you can imagine how it would turn your marketing around if they spent a minute or less on your marketing content. Recent studies show that about 90% of consumers watch videos on mobile phones before making a purchase decision, and with YouTube views increasing by 100% every year, there is no doubt that your audience is going to grow in numbers if you choose this route. It is a revolution that has taken a toll on TV viewers.

4. Win the attention of Google’s web crawlers

Google owns YouTube, and that in itself means a lot to marketers who use videos to communicate their messages.  There are varying statistics regarding how many times more a website with embedded videos gets exposure, but most put this figure above 50 times. The trick here is that once you have a video, optimize it with SEO friendly titles, descriptions and the first page in the SERPs will be yours for the taking.

5. A perfect way of building trust with clients

It is not going to be easy persuading readers by using plain marketing text.  Having indicated that videos help drive conversions, it is even easier to build trust and long lasting relationships with clients by telling them a brand story point-blank in a 60 seconds video clip. The fact that it helps elicit a quick emotional response from viewers is why millions of YouTube channels continue to win over massive audiences and followers.

6. A smart way to win the attention of lazy buyers

People hardly have time to go through long promotional posts, and the story gets worse when marketing to lazy buyers. Also, taking into account that modern buyers always want to see things, promotional videos become the smartest way of winning over this category of customers.

7. An effective way of outdoing the competition

The truth is that not many businesses have embraced video marketing. It could be that they are still stuck with a fallacy that doing so is expensive. Well, using this strategy to market your business does not only deal competitors a huge blow but also helps you show viewers something they wouldn’t have known if they were just reading your message as a blog post.

8. High retention value

The internet is a crowded place, and winning the attention of everyone is a real hassle. However, with videos, marketing your business, products or services does not end with communicating visually. Studies also show that people remember what they watch better than the things they read about online.

9. Appeals to varying demographics

Market segmentation has been around for years, and statistics show that certain age groups prefer Instagram to Facebook or Pinterest; thus videos become double-edged swords cutting both ends.  In a nutshell, videos appeal to everyone.

10. High rate of social shares

Lastly, studies show that people share videos they watch online more often than written posts. Thus, a marketer who wants to make the most of this knowledge should include social share buttons below their videos, and wait for the magic to happen right before your eyes. It is how to make your content go viral online.

Author Bio: Emily Watts is a marketing professional with many years of experience in businesses promotion. She also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Public relations.  

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