Production Overview

Our Production Overview

1. Creative Session

We take the time to come to the best concept together. To give that extra boost to your production, we employ our own creatives and copywriters. Without us charging extra costs for this.

2. Script & call sheet

Once the concept has been agreed with the agency or customer, we develop the idea into a scenario or storyboard. This describes all the details of the production. The use of color, the music, most important information for the viewer, etc. By means of a callsheet the customer is informed about all important matters that are essential for the recording day.

3. Pre-Shoot meeting/call

Prior to each recording, the day is discussed extensively with the client so that everyone on location knows where he or she stands. Every production from CNTNT.CREATORS has a producer who is in contact with the customer and is the point of contact for the entire day.

4. Recording

Before each shoot, our producer goes through the entire script again with you. Together you discuss all the details of the shooting days so that you can be sure that everything goes according to plan and that you have complete control over the end product.

5. Feedback & Corrections

You will receive a first version of your video within 10 working days. You can easily provide feedback through a user-friendly platform. You have direct contact with one of our editors, who is your permanent contact for the entire project. After all versions are approved, we also add the subtitles.

6. Delivery

Your video is ready. The "final version" is ready for publication. You will also receive a folder with all the files used. All content is and remains your property. After completion, Fabrika Films will provide a publication with advice on how to organize the campaigns in order to best reach the target group. Completely free of charge.


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