How to make the best promotional video!

How to make the best promotional video!

Here are some tips to make the best promotional video.

If you want to get all the advantages that come with a promo video, then you’ll need to do it right. So, if you’ve decided to include one of these videos in your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place! These are some tips to create the best promo video ever:

1. Divide your script into “What”, “How” and “Why”

Every famous movie has a story that follows the classic script structure of three stages: a beginning, a middle and an end. With promotional videos, you need to go a step further!

Divide your story into these three stages, but spice it up by adding specific purposes for each one. For the beginning, you should explain the “What”: What is the problem for your audience that will be solved by the use of your product or service?

Then, the middle of the narrative should answer the “How”: How can your product help your audience, how will it solve their problems?

And finally, the “Why”: Why should they choose you, instead of the competition?

Take a look at this video, and see how these three steps help a lot in communicating the brand’s message!

2. The shorter, the better!

People on the internet have a very short attention span: users are used to having many different open tabs, and their attention is divided. So, when they find a long video, they tend to abandon it.

A great rule of thumb is to create promo videos that aren’t longer than two minutes – when videos are longer than that, dropout rates start to rise.

You see? Short video content is a lot more captivating. Here you go!

Obviously, you want your audience to stay all the way through! So it’s important to write a script that is concise and interesting for them. Also, use storytelling and animation to engage your audience at the very beginning – this way you’ll make sure that they will stay and hear what you have to say.

Pro-Tip: A script of 160 words is equivalent to 1 minute of video. Keep it in mind!

3. Know who your target audience is… and what they need

Before you think about the color palette, the script or any other part of the video, you need to define the most important thing: Who’s your target audience, and what do they need?

By knowing the troubles and struggles of your target audience, you’ll be able to create content that meets their every need. Your audience will feel like you’re speaking directly to them, so they’ll be instantly engaged with your content and your brand – and they’ll remember you.

The best way to do this is to design Buyer Personas, which are idealistic representations of your audience in the shape of different characters that embody certain kinds of demographic and psychographic information.

So, create these Buyer Personas, give them characteristics, names, and personalities that refer to different categories of your audience; and direct your message towards them. Your real audience will be happy!

4. Keep the highest quality possible

If you’re going to make a promotional video, then you need to make it right. A poor-quality video will be seen by your audience as the proof of a poor-quality product – and to an extent, an unreliable brand.

Of course, nobody wants that! So you need to keep the highest quality possible in each one of your videos (and your content overall). It will depend on the size of your budget, but there are many options to create high-quality videos. You can start by finding a video production team that’s professional and reliable.

There are a lot of options out there! So, find yourself a production company that has enough experience on the style of video that you want to create (in this case, it would be commercial videos, also called explainer videos). Make sure that this producer has a highly qualified team composed of illustrators, animators, writers, camera-people, voice-over actors, etc.

And remember: sometimes video content can get a bit pricey – but don’t worry. Think of this kind of content as an investment. In fact, explainer videos have one of the highest rates on ROI (return on investment), so if you invest high, you’ll surely get high results.

This is your company’s image that’s at stake! So you should always go for the best quality.

5. Remember your video SEO!

You can have a video with a great script, fantastic animation made of very high-quality… but you won’t see any results if people can’t find it! So remember, use some of your budget for creating a strategy that ranks your video high on YouTube searches. Make sure to go where your audience is! If you’d like to know more about Video SEO for YouTube, check out this link: The 10 Best Video SEO Practices.

Let’s review!

Before you leave, let us give you one last secret:

Your video needs to be fully customized.

Customization means to brand your video content so it’ll fit in nicely with the rest of your communications strategy. So, besides creating a script that speaks directly to your audience, and creating animated characters that engage your viewers and that behave like your Buyer Personas, there’s more.

You can add your brand’s colors as the main ones in your color palette. Also, include your animated logo in different parts of the video – at the beginning, at the end, etc.

Now, you know every tip you need to start creating your own promo videos! We recommend you to start now: jump on the bandwagon! And if you need any help with doing this, don’t worry: you can write to us and we’ll give you all of the answers you need!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start making promotional videos!

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